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 Eliminates all federal income taxes

  Creates a  $1.24 Trillion stimulus

  Is Fair, Simple and Adjustable

For-Profit employees (33% of US pop.)

pay 84% of all federal taxes

15.9 % of all tax payers

pay 42% of all individual income taxes

Income Tax Created the Middle Class

In 2015, the Federal government withheld $1.24 trillion from

American worker's pay before they had a chance to spend or invest it.

No more federal income tax withholding

Those who use the financial system the most, will pay the most.

Fees will be collected & reported by the financial institutions.

The Fee is adjustable for times of war and disasters.

Fee = (Budget / Funds passed though system * 2) + emergency surcharge

Fee in 2015 = .0016 (16 cents per $100)

  Replaced by Tiny Fee for using

US financial system

Income Taxes vs Fees

for Small Businesses

Pays off national debt painlessly

In 2015 a .04 cent surcharge would have reduced

the national debt by $1 Trillion

Income Taxes vs Fees for a single person

Compare Taxes and Fees for a single person

Income Taxes vs Fees for a Married person

Now it's shrinking the middle class

The top 10% donates, bottom 90% pays their tax

Alexander Hamilton

Founding Father

Architect of the U.S. Financial System

Unfair tax exemptions

When Mr. Adolf contributes $100,000 to the tax-exempt “Nazi Museum” he avoids paying $30,000 towards the cost of running the federal government. The $30,000 Adolf didn’t pay has to be paid by the other taxpayers.  Which means, all of us have indirectly given $30,000 to the “Nazi Museum” whether we wanted to or not. 

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