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Notes on IRS Revenue

84% of all US tax revenue

is paid by

For-Profit employees

Do Government workers and contractors (city, county, state and federal) pay federal income taxes on their government salaries? Yes, but they are using the taxes collected from for-profit businesses and workers to pay their gross salaries and taxes. They subtract from the tax base, they do not add to it.

Do non-profit organization employees pay federal taxes? Yes, but they are using diverted tax dollars to pay their salaries and their taxes. The For-profit workers have to pick-up-the-tab on all those diverted tax dollars. Tax exempt organizations subtract from the tax base, they do not add to it.

The only way government and non-profit workers contribute to the tax base is through taxes paid on their personal investments.

The employees of For-profit businesses represent 32.9% of the US population.

For-profit workers, 33% US population, make up 84% of the federal tax base.

FPW = For profit business workers;

GW = Government Workers;

NPW = non profit workers;

[1] FPW pay gross salaries;

[2]FPW pay the diverted taxes;

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