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Notes on Unfair Exemptions

When Mr. Adolf contributes $100,000 to the tax-exempt “Nazi Museum” he avoids paying $30,000 towards the cost of running the federal government. The $30,000 Adolf didn’t pay has to be paid by the other taxpayers.  Which means, all of us have indirectly given $30,000 to the “Nazi Museum” whether we wanted to or not. 

“Planned Topics” is a controversial non-profit organization. It receives hundreds of millions in donations every year. A sizable amount of their budget is allocated to cover the cost of lobbyists who have, over the years, convinced Congress to fund some of the “Planned Topics” projects. The US government now gives “Planned Topics” more than enough money to cover their lobbing costs, indirect political contributions and a sizable portion of their expenses.

Cleric Herald is the Chief Financial Officer for the Church of Our Souls, a two hundred year old American non-profit organization with churches in several countries. The church owns billions of dollars in assets and collects a hundred million dollars ($100,000,000) in donations annually. As CFO it is Herald’s job to move the church’s money and assets between its 28 affiliated organizations (each with different fiscal reporting periods) so, in the event of an audit, the church will never show a profit.

Wealthy Mohammad donated $200,000 to a local mosque lead by an imam suspected of radicalizing dozens of young Muslim men. Are American tax payers inadvertently paying terrorists when they are forced to pick up the tab for the taxes that Mohammad evaded?

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